WWS Deluxe Series – Windshield Washing Solution Kiosk


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Screen ads layout example

Screen ads layout example with banners

Advertising and Profit Sharing for Screen Kiosks

From your dashboard, you can submit and edit your ads for display. Paid ad space from our system will display along with your ads on all kiosks at your location. You have the option to block any ads from your location you may not want to run on your WWS kiosks.


Advertisers buy space on the system with a minimum 3 month ad spend. Your ad share profits are paid quarterly on completed ad contracts. With full roster of ads running on your kiosk, your commission on ad sales will pay for itself many times over. This allows you to offer your customers free use of the windshield washing solution, creating happy customers that keep coming back. Of course, units without screens can’t display ads making the price difference between the basic no screen models and the profit sharing models.

Account Dashboard Included

Here you can view reports, generate coupons, and view sales data for the WWS Deluxe pay to dispense models. 



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